Actress Divya Spandana has announced that she will be visiting our city (Bengaluru) soon

Chennai: Actress Divya Spandana has announced that she will be visiting our city (Bengaluru) soon in light of the tragic demise of actor Vathandi. Actor Silambarasan, who starred alongside her in the film “Kuthu,” affectionately calls her “Kuthu Ramya.” She has acted in several films, including “Kuthu,” “Polladhavan,” “Vaaranam Aayiram,” “Singam,” and “Puli.”

Divya Spandana, formerly known as Ramya, gained popularity for her role in “Polladhavan” and “Vaaranam Aayiram.” She decided to retain the name Divya Spandana after stepping away from acting. She asked not to be referred to as “Kuthu Ramya” and insisted on being called Divya Spandana.

She joined the Congress party and won the Mandya constituency in Karnataka in the 2013 elections, becoming a Member of Parliament. She continued to support the Congress party through social media platforms. In this context, actress Ramya, known as Divya Spandana, has passed away today due to cardiac arrest, which has left many saddened.

Many people have started expressing their condolences. In light of this news, journalist Chitra confirmed that Divya would be visiting Bengaluru soon and shared this information on her Twitter account.

Furthermore, Chitra and Divya had a delightful meeting over a meal in Geneva and discussed various topics related to Bengaluru. Divya responded to this tweet, expressing her happiness at the meeting. Both of them discussed numerous issues related to Bengaluru, reflecting their shared passion for the city.

Today, before the news of her passing, Bharat, the controversy surrounding India, had taken center stage. Divya Spandana had posted several tweets regarding various issues apart from the ongoing legal battles in India. She had indicated that there were many matters to address beyond the legal verdict.

This message from Divya Spandana assures that she will soon visit our city amidst these events.

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