Amanda Cerny: OMG! While taking a bath in the pool, suddenly the bikini of this beauty started flowing freely and then….

American actress and model Amanda Cerny is one of those beauties who are in discussion on social media due to her hot style. Amanda is not only an actress but also a model, dancer and social media influencer. Amanda is often very much discussed on social media due to her funny style.

Amanda is followed by over 23 million people on Instagram alone. Recently Amanda has posted a video for her fans in which she is seen taking a bath in the pool.

The special thing about this video is that it is seen in the pool that Amanda’s bikini is flowing and Amanda immediately comes and grabs the bikini and wears the bikini in front of the camera in the water.

Amanda is looking very hot in this style. Amanda is wearing black goggles in wet hair with black bikini. Seeing this hot style of Amanda, the fans are not able to stop themselves from commenting. So far more than 3 lakh 50 thousand likes have come on this video and about 2 thousand comments have come.

Posting this video, Amanda wrote, summer has come a little too soon. Many verified account users are commenting on this video of Amanda. Also, many fans are calling it an oops moment, so someone is seen saying that how is this possible.

At the same time, some users are requesting that as the bikini is washed in water, now wear your bottom in front of the camera by washing it in water. One user wrote, I paused several times after watching this video. The same one wrote, this is a very old video. One user wrote, there is a lot of magical power inside you. At the same time, many users were seen commenting on this hot style.

Due to this short video, Amanda is very much discussed on social media and this video of her is becoming very viral. However, this is not the first time that Amanda has posted such a video on social media. Amanda was also seen without clothes during the photoshoot for Playboy magazine and anyway she often keeps posting strange videos.


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