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Anupama Fame Rupali Ganguly Dance with Alpana Buch: This video of actress Rupali Ganguly and Alpana Buch is making a splash.

King of TV shows and all the stars of TRP’s top show ‘Anupama’ have come close to people’s hearts in a short time. Such twists are coming in the show continuously that the role of each character is coming to the fore. The one who has received the most love on the screen since the beginning of the show is lead actress Rupali Ganguly and her mother-in-law Alpana Buch, who plays the role of ‘Ba’. Even though both of them are seen fighting fiercely in the show, but the dance videos of both of them create a buzz on social media. Once again a video of this mother-in-law’s pair has surfaced.

Ba and Anupama danced fiercely

The episode of the show does not come on Sunday, so Rupali Ganguly has posted a video of her dancing with Baa on her official Instagram account this Sunday to maintain the connection with her fans. In the video, both are showing their dance moves following the trend of ‘Balam Sami’. This video is now becoming fiercely viral. Watch this video…

You can do Garba on every song!

While sharing this video, Rupali has also written a funny caption. He wrote, ‘Sami Pe Shimming in your own style!! Anupama and Baa (I love her) can literally Garba on any song… haha!! How is it?’ Now the fans are praising both of them a lot after seeing the dance. This style of both is also being shared rapidly on the fan pages.

what’s going on

Talking about the show, these days the secrets of Anuj’s sister Malvika’s life are being revealed in the show. It was shown the previous day that Malvika had a wedding in which she was a victim of domestic violence. After this, Malvika is spending her life taking depression medicine. Malavika’s husband’s entry is also being speculated in the coming time.

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