Malaika Vs Georgia: Arbaaz’s girlfriend is bolder, got tattoos made in such places

Malaika Vs Georgia: Arbaaz's girlfriend is bolder, got tattoos made in such places
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Many beautiful girls came into the personal life of Bollywood actor and producer Arbaaz Khan. However, his personal life has never been very stable. While his relationship with actress Malaika Arora did not last long, Arbaaz Khan has not married his current girlfriend yet. Obviously, both the actresses are quite beautiful. Both are fond of tattoos but whose tattoos are heavy on whom? Let’s know.

Georgia (Georgia Andriani) has got ‘LOVE’ written on her waist and got some flowers made. Georgia Andriani, the girlfriend of Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan, is fond of getting bigger and more designer tattoos. His tattoos can be clearly seen even without zooming in the photo.

Georgia Andriani has got a big ‘bow’ made on her thigh at the back, which she has given a designer look. Whenever Georgia (Georgia Andriani) wears some revealing clothes, her tattoo has been exposed. Apart from this, Arbaaz Khan’s girlfriend has also got a beautiful tattoo done on her waist which has been seen many times Talk about Arbaaz Khan’s ex-wife Malaika Arora, she likes to get a little smaller and TEXT type tattoos than Georgia Andriani. Malaika Arora has got small tattoos made on her wrist and finger, which are seen when taking a zoom-in photo.

Just as Georgia (Georgia Andriani) has got love written on her waist, similarly Arbaaz Khan’s ex-wife actress Malaika Arora has got love written on her finger.

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