Arti Singh on mental health issues Bigg Boss 13

arti singh

Arti Singh traveled slowly from the negative to the positive phase. She suddenly turned into a  happy person. There is still a long way to go. She reached there yet. It is ok to feel sad.  When she alone, let’ know she alone and when she has people around, she can cherish those people. She opened up a show because BB13 gave me confidence. When we know people are loving you get that strength to open up. She was only ashamed of her thinking.

She realized people will think about what they have to think. she feels their responsibility towards the women who have suffered like me.  But times when she really feels lonely. She tired of working and started crying. It is normal.  she saw a selfless person like Karan. He is the best human being and a very good person. Just she didn’t feel like a workout, but he was like ‘kar kar’. He said ‘your body will release happy hormones and you will feel good.

The fights are very natural and common in a house of  Bigg Boss. Everyone is frustrated. She always is a friend and she loves her She has been tough but worth it. She is very satisfied and content with what I have and earned so far. she feels like a wheel of fortune that has taken a turn. she always craved a hit show and she never thought.  it will be the country’s biggest show for many years. Comedy runs in her family, so, she will do a comedy show if it is good. she is so proud of him. she saw him perform live and when she enters the stage, the audience to the celebrities gets excited to see his act.  Now, she is happy to have her own identity. Speaking exclusively to ETimes TV, Arti Singh shares her coming out strong story, her wish in the part of Kapil Sharma’s show. she fighting mental health issues and more stories.

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