Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan scolds Sidharth Shulka but clips removed from the episode

TV actors Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla, who have been engaged in ugly fights for the past few days inside Bigg Boss 13 house, were in for some reality check when host Salman Khan chided them on Saturday and Sunday. Fresh reports claim that Salman was extremely upset with the way Sidharth behaved during the fights and scolded him for it.

However, these portions were edited out of the final episode that aired over the weekend. A Pinkvilla report suggested that the creative team of Bigg Boss intervened when Salman began scolding Sidharth. He was stopped midway and after some discussion with Salman, they left the stage. Spotboye also reported similar developments from the show’s sets. News Nation also reported the intervention, wondering whether the portion will be aired.

During Sunday’s episode, Salman asked Sidharth what he meant by ‘aisi ladki (such a girl)’ a word he used while fighting with Rashami. Sidharth said he simply meant ‘Rashami Desai jaisi’. Rashami was agitated and she angrily retorted ‘Aisi yaane kaisi (What kind of a girl am I)?’ Salman also agreed that the usage was not as innocent and simple as Sidharth had insisted it was.

Rashami kept crying and fighting and even infuriated Salman in the process. He asked her not to be stuck on the usage, explaining that Sidharth made it clear that he meant nothing bad. Salman asked Rashami to ‘let it go’. “When you know that there is dirt in a box, why do you go and open it,” Salman asked Rashami. Sidharth got quite defensive about hearing this and kept asking Salman if the ‘dirt box’ comment was for him. Sidharth claimed the rival gang would tease him as dirt box for the rest of the week.

Twitter was furious at the entire situation. “#RashamiDesai directly said to Salman ‘Sir app ko mai janthi hu aur app muh thodh dogye agar ase koyi kisi bhi ladki ko bole’ (Sir, I know you, and you will smash the face of someone who behaves with a girl like this) @ColorsTV ka script ka kya hoga? (What will happen to the script of Colors TV) I have strong feeling Salman bashed Shukla and that’s why colors team called him in corner,” wrote one Bigg Boss fan.

“#SidharthShukla is now saying ‘mere ghar me bhi maa behene hai,bahar mujhe repercussions jhelne padenge (Even I have a mother and sister, I may have to face the repercussions once I step out).’ I am 22 & I love my parents & I can swear on my PARENTS that Sidharth had said ‘#RashamiDesai aisi ladki hai,mene usko ghar pe LENA BAND kiya’ (Rashami Desai is this type of a girl, I have stopped taking her inside my house) in a bad sense,” tweeted another.

“So apparently @TheRashamiDesai standing up for herself is playing WOMAN card..ladkiyo ka bolna isnt acceptable to our society aaj b or ye dikh gya #RashamiDesai #WeRespectRashamiDesai Sherni Rashami Desai,” one Rashami fan tweeted.

A fan “Teri jaisi ko maine ghar me lena band kar diya hai”, listening this I feel like questioning myself what kind of cheap show I am watching. Can just imagine what it’s meaning can be!!! Rashami throwing tea is NOTHING in front of this. #BB13 #BiggBoss13 #RashamiDesai.”

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