Bigg Boss 13: Irritated by housemates’ behaviour, Salman Khan enters the house and cleans the kitchen, bathroom

After Shehnaz Gill became the captain of Bigg Boss 13 house, it became a tough task for her. The Punjabi star allotted house duties to everyone which they refused to do. Madhurima Tuli refused to wash utensils multiple times and most of the contestants weren’t ready to clean the bathroom area also. A huge fight also took place between Madhurima and Shehnaz, Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz, Paras Chhabra and Vishal Aditya Singh due to house duties allocation.

Now in the latest promo of the show, Salman Khan is seen entering the house and looks visibly irritated. He brings an entourage and starts cleaning the house. The contestants are locked in the bedroom area. Salman starts washing the utensils, cleans the kitchen platform and fridge. He then goes to the bathroom and also cleans that. With his bare hand, the superstar is seen picking the fallen hair from the bathroom sink.

After Salman leaves and comes through Mi TV, everyone apologizes to him and he asks, “For what?!” Salman calls them stubborn and Tees Maar Khan. He also tells that everyone thinks very highly of himself.

Earlier when Salman was asked if he gets frustrated with Bigg Boss contestants, the superstar told Mumbai Mirror, “Yeah, a part of mine wants to cut that part and throw it out and the other part wants to keep it. And the latter is heavy on the part that wants to throw it out.”

He adds, “I like it. It gets stressful, but I learn a lot. And I get to know where the country is going, what is happening to values, morals, scruples, and principles. We see it right there, with celebrities.”

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