Fans called Tejasswi Prakash “Sherni” on her fight with Shamita Shetty.

Netizens called Tejasswi Prakash “Sheri hai tu Sherni” after her strong fight back with Shamita Shetty.

During the last episode of Big Boss house, we have seen that Big Boss has asked Shamita Shetty that out of all the playing contestants in the big boss house, out of all these to whom she wants to downgrade. On this Shamita Shetty has taken the name of Tejasswi Prakash. After this, a heated argument has been started between Tejasswi Prakash and Shamita Shetty. Over here fans of Shamita Shetty and Tejasswi Prakash on social media have given their opinion on their verbal fight.

Shamita Shetty and Tejasswi Prakash

Shamita Shetty and Tejasswi Prakash has done heated argument

After knowing that Shamita Shetty has downgraded her, Tejasswi said,” Meine aap par vishwas Kiya, who mujhse galati hui hai. (trusting on you was my fault)”. She continued as,” Aapke Mann mein hamesha se mere liye problem hai,(you always consider me as a problem)”. On this Shamita Shetty has asked,” Kya apne Kuch bhi Kiya hai iss show par? (have you done anything for me on this show?)”. After this Tejaswi said, “Apne bola tha ki aap rakhi ko nikalenge,(you have said that you will make Rakhi Sawant escape from this show) ”. But Shamita said that she has changed her mood. Replying to this Tejaswi Prakash said,” Toh boliye na, ki mein apni strongest competition ko hata rahi hu(so say that you are trying to escape from the strongest competition on your from the show) ”.

After this Tejasswi said that she wants to be close to her boyfriend Karan Kundrra. On this Shamita Shetty was shocked by listening to this. Later Shamita Shetty said that Tejasswi is a very insecure girlfriend. On this Tejasswi said that she is a very confident girlfriend. She said,”Aap mujhe insecure matl bolo . I am a very confident girlfriend.”. Later Tejasswi Prakash said that the favoritism has happened in the house. So many times before Shamita Shetty has escaped from nomination. Later both were saying,” Shame on you!!” on each other talks and way of thinking for each other”.

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