Fans got a big shock after seeing the pictures of Kajol’s sister Tanisha, there was such a secret marriage discussion in the first photo

Bollywood actress Kajol’s sister and actress Tanisha Mukherjee often remain in the headlines for one reason or the other. Tanisha may be away from the silver screen today but she remains very active on social media. She often shares her hot and bold pictures. But in the meantime, pictures of Tanisha have created panic on the internet. One is surprised to see these pictures. Tanisha has made a big disclosure through pictures. If you are not sure then see for yourself.

Actress and Bigg Boss X contestant Tanisha Mukherjee has shared some of her pictures on her official Instagram account. Through these pictures, the discussion of their marriage has started. The pictures were posted by Tanisha. In the first picture of them, in the first picture, he is wearing a beech. Actually, most of the women wear the toe on their feet only after marriage. Regarding this, users are seen asking questions on social media about his marriage to Tanisha, whether he has got married secretly?

In the rest of the pictures, Tanisha Mukherjee is seen taking a selfie. In the pictures, you can see that sometimes she is seen sitting in the car, and sometimes she is seen celebrating vacation at someplace. During this, Tanisha is wearing a light blue color shrug with a netted top. At the same time, he is wearing a big frame of glasses.

Let us tell you that after seeing Tanisha’s picture of the bed, a user wrote a comment, ‘Are you married. Why are you wearing toenails?’ At the same time, users are constantly questioning Tanisha about her marriage. So some are seen trolling about his feet. At the same time, many described his feet as Mira Rajput’s feet. A few days ago, Meera got trolled for her feet. However, many users are also seen praising his feet. One user wrote, beautiful feet as simple as you. While one writes, ‘Your feet are very beautiful.’

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