Firing on Shahnaz Gill’s father

Firing on Shahnaz Gill's father

Shehnaaz Gill was still recovering from the grief of Siddharth Shukla’s death that now her father has also been attacked by a deadly attack. Four times bullets were fired at his car.

Actress Shehnaaz Gill was in shock after the death of Sidharth Shukla, now she was slowly returning to her normal life that her father was attacked by a deadly attack. Recently, there has been a firing on Shahnaz’s father Santokh Singh Sukh. There has been an uproar after this news came out.

Firing on Shahnaz’s father

Santokh Singh Sukh, the father of actress Shehnaaz Gill, who has worked in Big Boss fame and Punjabi films, has been allegedly fired upon. The incident took place on Saturday evening in the Jandiala Guru area of ​​Amritsar. In a statement to the police, Sukh said that the incident took place when his security personnel went to the toilet near Gurdaspuri’s Dhaba after the car was parked on the side. He told that then two people came on a bike and stopped near the car. Then started firing at them. He fired four times at his car.

Santokh Singh survived only

Santokh Singh was riding with the driver in his car at the time of the incident and narrowly survived the incident. He had joined BJP just two days back. He was going from Amritsar to Beas to attend some program on Saturday. He said he fled when his security personnel hurled bricks at the attackers after hearing gunshots. He then immediately informed the Jandiala Guru police and a team of police reached the spot.

Santokh Singh’s charge

He alleged that the police were informed about the incident in time, but a case has not been registered yet. In the matter, the Station House Officer of Jandiala Guru Police Station Harpreet Singh said. That the police recovered four empty shells from the spot. “After a preliminary investigation. The matter was found to be somewhat suspicious and hence further investigation is being done,” he said. The officer said that his security was withdrawn recently as he has several criminal cases registered against him.

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