For the first time, Urfi Javed’s pain was visible, she said – name is there, wealth is there, fame is there, only one thing is lacking

Fashion icon Urfi Javed has surprised everyone with her look at the recent award night. The actress remains very active on social media as well as has become very famous but now Urfi has revealed about the shortcomings of her life.

In her latest interview with BBC, she has talked about this time. The actress is known for her interesting DIY looks which she started creating mainly on her own as no designer would give her their creatives. Urfi is now unsure about who she is and what people say about it. She knows that people who say nice things to her face are also trolling her behind her back.

In the interview she said, “I have achieved popularity – yes, fame – yes, work – no. People don’t respect me. People don’t want to work with me.” Urfi’s big claim to fame and respect in the fashion industry came when fashion designer duo Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla got her ready for a photoshoot. The social media star called it a life-changing moment. .

She said, “I am thrilled to have a dress by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. She is a master of what she does and has made me feel more empowered by accepting who I am. No designer gives me clothes So I started making clothes myself.Abu Sandeep has changed that for me.

Urfi also knows how her fashion choices create a stir online. But, she says she is unstoppable and is living her dream. “I would describe my fashion sense as being bold and seeking attention. I want attention that’s why I dress like that. Of course, I was attracted to the film industry, what I saw on television and I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I just wanted to be famous,'” she said in the interview.

The actress says that all the criticism and trolling does bother her at times but she has developed her own defense mechanism where she rises every time she is pushed down. “I get upset because I’m human but then my upset lasts for 5-10 minutes and I tell myself they’re probably so ugly and you’re so beautiful,” she explained.

Urfi is sure of what she stands for and knows that she is not losing her identity to anything in the world. The actress says she is offered work where people sometimes tell her to stop being so bold, but she knows herself better. Uorfi said, “Then get someone else. If you don’t want Urfi Javed then why are you coming to Urfi Javed.”

On Friday, Urfi was one of the celebs who walked the red carpet for the Style Awards. The actor stayed true to his personal style and covered his breasts with POP plaster armor. She went backless and teamed the top with a green saree, hair bun and no jewellery.

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