Gauhar Khan supports Jay Bhanushali and Opposes Tejasswi.

Gauhar Khan shows her support to Jay Bhanushali and Opposes Tejasswi Prakash. On this Tejasswi Prakash fans showed their anger at Gauhar Khan.

In big Boss season 15, we use to get see new angles each day. They are full of dramas, which are performed by the participating contestant. There are always interesting angles are seen when the players accomplish their task. Up to now, we have seen so many love angels, proposing scenes, misunderstandings, fights, arguments, confession, heartbreak, and so many more dramas.

Gauhar Khan wrote,” Jai is not looking weak at all ! Stop portraying ppl a certain way with ur words ! Jai #bb15” in support of Jay Bhanushali. She has also made one more post in favor of Jay Bhanushali. On this one of the fans wrote that not to support Jay because if according to that fan if Gauhar Khan supports anyone in any season, so that contestant can go well in that season.

Gauhar Khan Tweet

He wrote,” Please, please, please,,,, Don’t support Jai please. People didn’t win, whomever you supported in BB history. So, please leave supporting Jai.”. With this, that fan also put the emojis of joined hands of requesting.

She wrote,” Bullies …… Jai has amazing logical points! Don’t come under pressure! Tumhara choice aur Jai ka choice safe khel rahe ho ???? (your’s choice is choice and Jay’s choice is about playing safe game ???) Waah teja waah (wow Tejasswi wow) !” .

In opposite to this one of the fans wrote, Kal ka episode dekhna, and then comment, if you still say ki kk and tp were wrong in taking revenge.. it is confirmed you have been paid for hate tweets against the top two.. waise bhi from the ast couple of seasons who you support is not winning #TejRan”.

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