Gigi Hadid caught at the airport with marijuana, shared such pictures after being released from jail

Supermodel and Hollywood actress Gigi Hadid was arrested on charges of possessing marijuana. The supermodel was returning from a holiday in the Cayman Islands when customs caught her with drugs in her luggage. This incident happened last week. Gigi also got bail soon after this incident and later she was released on bail. After the news broke, Gigi took to Instagram to share a cryptic post on the arrest. She shared her holiday photos and videos taken on Cayman Islands and wrote, all is well that ends well.

The post first showed a video of Gigi wearing a bikini and enjoying the sun with a friend by the sea. After this she shared a photo in which she was seen wearing a yellow bikini. One user wrote, “I love to think that she is posting this after getting bail.” According to local news outlet Cayman Marl Road, Gigi Hadid and her friend arrived in the Cayman Islands in a private plane. She was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana, after which she was found to have marijuana and intoxicants in his luggage.

After being taken to the Prisoner Detention Center, he was released on bail. Two days later, on July 12, he appeared in the court, confessed his crime. Both were fined $1,000. There were no additional charges against him. Her spokesperson told E! News, Gigi was traveling with legally purchased marijuana in NYC with a medical license. It is also legal for medical use in Grand Cayman since 2017. Gigi’s record is clean and she enjoyed her holiday after being released from jail.

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