Married to a 29-year-old girl but did not like the name, the actor gave a unique reason

Kabir Bedi, who has worked from Bollywood to Hollywood, remains in the discussion due to his personal life more than his career. The stories of his affair, with his first and current wife, always dominate. He himself has shared many stories of his life through his autobiography ‘Stories I Must Tell The Emotional Life of the Actor’, in which he has also made many revelations related to his life. His book has been included in Amazon Books India’s Most Popular Books 2021.

29 years younger wife

Actor Kabir Bedi’s first wife is Protima Bedi. He had broken ties with Protima for the famous actress Parveen Bobby of his time. However, even after this, he did not stop and did three marriages. For the fourth time, he married his girlfriend 29 years younger than him and by coincidence, his name was also Parveen. Parveen Dosanjh has been his longtime girlfriend. He has also shared an interesting anecdote related to the name of Parveen Dosanjh about his personal life.

Told wife – change name

Kabir Bedi himself revealed in his book that he wanted to change the name of his fourth wife Parveen. He also demanded from his wife for this. But Parveen got angry. However, after knowing the reason, she understood the matter. Kabir also calls him by the name ‘V’ now. Kabir explains that since his name was already associated with the name Parveen (Bobby), he was avoiding this name.

met through Protima

Kabir Bedi tells that he met Parveen Babi only through his wife Protima. Both fell in love with each other at first sight and Kabir Bedi’s first marriage broke up. At the same time, Protima has written in her book ‘Timepass’ that she was not able to stop Kabir from making new relationships, so he stopped caring about it after a while.

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