Neha Bhasin called Karan Kundrra as “fattu” in BB house! Read here

Neha Bhasin said “Fattu “ to Karan Kundrra and continued by asking her not to follow her as a puppy. On this Tejaaswi Prakash said that she will fuck the happiness of Neha Bhasin.

Big Boss season 15 is a lot of the consequences with human basic human affection and behavior. Tejasswi asked Karan Kundrra if Neha wants to talk to him ever since she has entered the house. On this Karan, Kundrra replied that he has talked about only Nishant Bhat with her. After that he added,” Maine aisa kya kar diya yaar”.

After that Tejasswi Prakash took the assurance that she will not be going to spoil the relationship of herself and Karan Kundrra. She said,” Main itni halki nahin hoon ki kisi ki baaton mein aa jaun aur main kaan ki kachhi nahin hoon.” (I am not a very easy person to get manipulated easily).

Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin

Later Karan Kundrra has gone to the kitchen area of the house where Neha Bhasin was present. He asked her, that what she wants to say about him? By saying this he also warned her by saying,” I haven’t made any fake relationships over here”.

During Umar Riaz and Shamita Shetty, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra were sitting in the corner and laughing at them. First, they have initiated the fight and then they were laughing at them. On this Karan Kundrra was laughing, so she said not to laugh at Karan Kundrra.

After that Neha called “fattu” and “puppy” to Karan Kundrra. Tejasswi was shocked and she laughed a lot because Karan has not at all reacted and Neha has got irritated a lot.

In the next scene, we can see that Tejasswi Prakash warned Karan Kundrra, for not taking the first step towards the Neha Bhasin. On this Karan said, if he does then. She replied that she will slap him.  

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