Neha Bhasin , Nishant Bhatt and Pratik Sehajpal got in to fight inside the house.

Neha Bhasin violently fights with Nishant Bhatt and Pushed Pratik Sehajpal hardly. This fight has been grown from cooking food tasks.

Big Boss season 15 upcoming episodes are going to be more violent. Over here contestants once again got into physical fights with each other during the completion of the task. But during this time, we are going to see about the fight between the VIP contestants and Non-VIP Contestants. After the announcement of Big Boss about the selection of VIP contestants.

Neha Bhasin and Nishant Bhatt

Neha Bhasin got in to fight with Nishant Bhatt

As big Boss has announced about the Tabadla of 2 VIP contestants and they are going to be replaced by two Non-VIP members. After this announcement, the situation has got more worst. We can see this from the Promo of an upcoming episode of the Big Boss season 15 show. In this promo, we can see that Neha Bhasin has got into a physical fight with Nishant Bhatt and harshly pushed Pratik Sehajpal.

After Announcement we can see that Neha Bhasin was telling to Jay Bhanushali that she don’t have trust in Nishant Bhatt. Later Nishant tell Pratik to handle the matter of the Kitchen on which Neha interrupted and said that handling the Kitchen task is not that easy. During this Pratik keeps interrupting Neha and said Neha to get out of the house. On this Neha replied to him,” You get out of this f*cking house”.

After a while Nishant Bhatt losses his temper and broke the stool and shouted at them,” You guys have a problem, go and talk outside.”. Following this Neha Bhasin got into argument with Nishant Bhatt during which they were trying to show that they are their boss.

After which Neha has lost her temper and got into a fight with Nishant and pushed Pratik Sehajpal. During this Rajiv, Umar and Karan were trying to cool her temper down. But she was not listening to anyone.

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