Nick Jonas pens down his only wish from his Late Father-in-law, Ashok Chopra

Lately, Nick Jonas talked about the wishes he had from Priyanka’s father. The duo got married after 5 years of Priyanka’s father, Ashok Chopra’s death.

Lately, Nick Jonas talked about the wishes he had from Priyanka’s father. The duo got married after 5 years of Priyanka’s father, Ashok Chopra’s death.

A child, no matter what, always remains a baby for their parents. Not only holding them for the first time but also protecting them from the world is a constant feeling for fathers, especially when it comes to their daughters. All a father wants for her daughter is to stay happy and feel loved. A father always tries to search for someone who will love his daughter as he does. Priyanka Chopra lost him to cancer after a long battle. She is a self-acclaimed, ‘ Daddy’s Lil girl’.

In an interview, Priyanka had revealed that her father wished to see her getting married. Moreover, She had told that her father used to say, “Main suit kab Silwan.” Like all other fathers, Mr Chopra also wanted to see his daughter in the wedding dress, but destiny had something else for them. In 2013, Mr Chopra. passed away. And after 5 long years of his death, Priyanka tied the knot with Nick Jonas, both in Hindu and Christian rituals. Nick never met Mr Chopra, but now he wishes to meet him.

Father’s day instagram posts.

On father’s day celebrations, Nick posted on Instagram about his father Paul Kevin Jonas and PC’s father. For Paul, Nick caption that how he was forever in his life. As well as for Priyanka’s father he expressed his desire of meeting him and that how incredibly he raised his daughter.

Nick Jonas shared a picture of his father and a picture of Priyanka’s childhood with his father. He wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! My dad is and has always been my hero. Love and miss you @papakjonas. Dr Ashok Chopra, I wish I would have had the chance to meet you. You raised an incredible daughter, and I’m so blessed we found each other. And to everyone not able to be with their fathers I’m thinking of you today and sending you to love.”

Priyanka also wished father’s day by sharing singing photos of both her fathers. She had captioned it, “Maybe we both got it from our fathers #HappyFathersDay to everyone celebrating @nickjonas @papakjonas.”

Priyanka recently admitted that she misses her father a lot and how bad she wishes him to be with her. On his death anniversary on June 10, she had written: “We’re connected by heartstrings to infinity Miss you dad, every single day!” She posted a photo of Mr Chopra’s younger days on in Instagram he photo clearly made us believe from where Priyanka got her looks.

Last year on her dad’s birth anniversary, she wrote,

“Every year on this day Sid and I would look for ways to surprise you… but we never managed to do so! You always knew everything… So I hope wherever you are, You know that you are with us every day. In everything I do, I think about your encouragement, In every choice I make, I ask for your affirmation… In everything that happens to me, I am grateful for your blessings. Happy Birthday, Dad. I wish you were here everyday! We love you.

@siddharthchopra89 @madhumalati P.S. – the background song was one of dad’s favourites… one he always used to sing for mom.”

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