Nidhi Jha on honeymoon, wearing a backless dress posed with her husband

Nidhi Jha (Nidhi Jha Luliya) of the Bhojpuri industry is dominating these days. On May 2, Nidhi Jha started a new journey in life by marrying Yash Kumar. After marriage, she left for the Maldives for her honeymoon. From where she is giving her moment-to-moment updates to the fans. After the Love Bite video, now Nidhi has shared a romantic picture with her husband.

Nidhi Jha shares romantic pic

Nidhi Jha is living life freely with her husband Yash in a beautiful place like the Maldives. Photos posted on social media are telling that Nidhi does not want to leave any stone unturned to make her honeymoon memorable. Amidst many updates, now Nidhi has posted a photo with Yash in a backless dress. In the photo, Nidhi is seen flaunting her backless dress.

In the picture, he can also be seen kissing Yash’s cheeks. In this photo of Yash and Nidhi, along with the beautiful view of Maldives, the love between the two can be clearly seen. The happiness of the couple is making their fans very happy. Before this photo, Nidhi was seen having fun on the beach.

Talking live with the fans,

Nidhi Jha takes full care of her fans. That’s why after marriage, she also came live on Instagram to talk to the fans. During this time people noticed the love bite on his neck. What was just then, the discussion of Nidhi’s love bite started happening everywhere. During Insta Live, Nidhi also answered many questions of her fans. Here was the update on Nidhi’s honeymoon so far. Whatever else is revealed next. We will keep telling the fans of Nidhi.

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