Pooja Hegde was misbehaved on the flight, know why the actress started being trolled

Pooja Hegde, the famous actress in South films, is often in the news due to her films and stylish looks. However, this time Pooja has come into the limelight for revealing her indecency. The actress on Thursday accused Indigo Airlines staff of misbehaving with her and her team. Pooja has also made a tweet expressing her anger.

Pooja Hegde wrote this in a tweet

Pooja Hegde wrote in her tweet, ‘Extremely sad with how rude @IndiGo6E staff member, by the name of Vipul Nakashe behaved with us today on our flight out from Mumbai.Absolutely arrogant, ignorant and threatening tone used with us for no reason. Normally I don’t tweet abt these issues, but this was truly appalling.”

airline apologizes

Giving its clarification on this as soon as this tweet of Pooja went viral, the airline tried to resolve the issue. In one of her tweets, he also apologized for the inconvenience caused to Pooja and her team.

“Ms. Hegde, sorry to note your experience. We’d like to connect with you immediately hence, please DM us your PNR along with the contact number. ~Linda”

Pooja gave thanks

Pooja has accepted the apology, but the actress believes that the apology should be apologized to me before the person who has been treated like this means my costume assistant. He tweeted, ‘Thank you for apologizing for his behavior, but to be honest, first the apology should go to my costume assistant, whom he discriminated against, and lastly us.’

Pooja Hegde trolled due to tweet

In this tweet of Pooja, her fans and other users are also giving their feedback and other people are also keeping their point. However, some people have started trolling Pooja herself. One user even told him while doing Pooja’s class that he should not have tweeted like this. Because of this, the person’s job can also go away. At the same time, some people also requested the airlines not to take more strict action against the staff member.

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