Ranveer Singh was the perfect choice for Met Gala 2021.

Netizens said that Ranveer Singh was a perfect choice of India for Met Gala 2021. They have shown their opinion through Twitter and Instagram account.

India People showed their opinion on Social media that a famous Bollywood personality Ranveer Singh was a perfect choice for Met gala 2021. He was not invited to the met gala 2021.

Ranveer Singh is a famous Bollywood actor, he has appeared for a met gala in the past year also. On this public has shown their opinion. He has a fun and loving style manner. He is so cool in making new fashion in the Bollywood industry. So, according to Netizens, he is having a very daring and good fashion sense, so he should be invited for that.

Ranveer Singh Followers on Social Media

One of the fans on Twitter wrote in favour of Ranveer. He wrote,” POV: Ranveer Singh at the met gala”. One follower has gone too far as they put the meme as a “Ranveer Singh doesn’t need Met Gala, Met Gala needs him “.This is one of the biggest quotes which has been made on social media in opposition to Met Gala up to now.

One of the micro bloggers has written some of the big comments on this incident. They wrote,” I for one wouldn’t mind Ranveer Singh at met gala, at least he will wear something interesting than these celebs who show up in black suit”. He has written about the people who wore the whole black outfit in Met Gala 2021. They have made their outfit Black outfit. Even they have put black masks on their face and fully black suits. They have put their whole Black gown on their body as showing their Fashion Sense.

There are so many big celebrities from Hollywood and other industries who have joined Met Gala 2021 in Ney York City in their eye-catching outfits.

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