Salman Khan got angry with Shamita Shetty and Abhijeet Bhichukle.

In the promo of the upcoming episode, we have seen that Salman Khan losses his cool on Shamita Shetty and Abhijeet Bhichukle.

In the last episode of the episode, we have seen so many unexpected things. All contestants have to get united and cancel one of the tasks given by the big boss. After this big boss has conducted the task regarding the elimination. And all contestants have made Abhijeet Bhichukle survive. As contestants have tried their best that Abhijeet Bhichukle to give up but he doesn’t

Salman Khan

Salman Khan loses temper on Shamita Shetty and Abhijeet Bhichukle

In the promo of an upcoming episode of Weekend ka Vaar, we can see that Salman has lost his coolness once again. In the promo of the upcoming weekend ka vaar, we can see that Salman Khan has scolded Sahmita Shetty and Abhijeet Bhichukle. Shamita Shetty has got scolded for her behavior with Rakhi Sawant. And Abhijet Bhichukle has got scolded because he was yawing in front of Salman Khan.

 In starting of the promo we have seen that Salman has said,” Task radd karane mein to aap logo ne Ph.D. kar rakhi hai,”. After that Abhijeet Bhichukle was yawing in the room. On this Salmna Khan said ,”Bhichukle , neend aa rahi hai ?, jao so jao jao, jao bistar par so jao ,jao” . On this, Abhijeet Bhichukle replied,” Sir, Sorry! “. Salman Khan continued as,” Yeh Sab mere saath nahi chalega, jao so jao..”

Later Abhijeet was not accepting it, but he shouted at him as,”Nahiii..”. After that he continued, “Agar koi sanchalak Karya radd karaye toh bohot galat hai . Contestants Karya radd karaya hai toh Sahi hai .“ Later he took On Shamita For her behavior towards Rakhi Sawant. Later we have seen that Shamita Shetty said , “Mein same attitude ke saath kisi aur ke upar nahi chadne wali hu. Aap mujhe bol rahe hai ki mera attitude iske taraf galat hai . I don’t know..”. Later Salman Khan scolded her as,” Shamita, WTF ”.

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