Seeing the bold scenes of this web series, you will be blown away, broke all the records of boldness, watch this video alone

Often the demand for bold web series on social media has started increasing a lot. There is a lot of demand for web series in the audience more than films. Because of which the demand for bold content on the internet has also increased a lot.

Till now many bold web series have created a lot of hue and cry on the internet. Meanwhile, now a bold web series seems to be wreaking havoc for the interesting viewers of web series. Ullu brings to you a web series full of bold scenes called Lady Finger.

This web series is based on the story of a couple with no love left between them. It is shown in the trailer that the husband is desperate to get a divorce from his wife. And the wife told her friend that her husband was having an affair with someone else. While her friend advises her to bring another girl in her husband’s life. For more details you will have to wait for the release of this web series.

Ayushi Jaiswal is seen playing the lead role in this web series. The actress has appeared in many web series like Badan, Charmsukh and Palang Tod. In all the web series, the actress has created a lot of buzz by giving bold scenes.


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