Sherlyn Chopra’s statement on Raj Kundra’s pornographic case.

Sherlyn Chopra statement changed the route of Raj Kundra’s case. She took a dig at Shilpa Shetty’s statement on Raj Kundra’s case.

Mumbai Police is working on Raj Kundra’s case for nearly the last two months. They have filed a voluminous charge sheet against his case. It consists of a statement of all the people related to that case. In that charge sheet statement of Shilpa Shetty has also been recorded. She said,” I was too busy with work, I did not know what Raj Kundra was up to”.

Sherlyn Chopra’s Statement

Sherlyn Chopra

On this Sherlyn Chopra has made her statement on Shilpa Shetty’s statement. Sherlyn Shetty said,” According to some reports, didi is saying that she was not aware of the nefarious activities of her husband. Didi is also saying that she doesn’t know about the movable and immovable assets of her husband. How true is this statement, you guys can understand yourselves? Waise isey kya kehte hain? Yeda bankar, peda khana. Hai na?”

After this, she added her remark’s on Raj Kundra’s pornographic application. She said,” I never received my share of 50 percent. Thereafter, Raj Kundra approached me to work for the HotShots app, a subsidiary of Arms Prime Pvt Ltd. I was assured it was perfectly fine to work for HotShots”. After this Sherlyn Chopra added more . She said,” I was also told that HotShots would have bolder content and videos. But we couldn’t agree with creative ideas and the monetary aspect of the deal, which is why I declined Raj Kundra’s offer to work on HotShots. The creative director at Hotshots, Mita Jhunjhunwala tried to convince me to work for them, too.”

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