Sonu Sood as “THE SUPERHERO”.

Sonu sood has become a real-life superhero for so many people. Where everyone is in fear about their life, their security, their financial crises, on the other side Sonu Sood has taken the responsibility to help people who are in need.

Recently we all have seen in the news that people who are away from their hometown during this quarantine. It’s hard for them to survive financially as well as emotionally. So many migrants wanted to reach their home, to their family but they were not able to do that due to government had banned the transportation for security purpose. A big number of people have got stuck far away from their home in this lockdown. Although they asked for help to the government and when they did not get any response they just stepped out their self and tried to reach their home by taking risk of getting affected by a coronavirus. They all came on the road.

Sonu Sood came ahead to help all the migrant to reach their home. He has twitted that ” I would like to thank all the state government who helped me in the process. I’m immensely grateful to them for always encouraging my efforts for the entire nation. Jai Hind 🇮🇳 “

Sonu sood has also twitted about the scam. Few unwise people wanted to take the negative advantage of his name. They asked people for donations. Sonu twitted: “Kindly don’t fall in any trap. There are many fakes trying to take advantage so please report the nearest police station”.

Let’s see some beautiful massages and videos that his fans posted to appreciate him.

A very cute little girl made a video for him. And explained what does her sonu uncle do for everyone who is in need.

We all salute to our Indian army for their work. but this is so delightful to see that our army gave a solute to Sonu Sood for his intangible efforts for helping people in this situation.

Again a very cute girl made a little note for Sonu Sood by Using all his movie names to appreciate him.

This one has made Sonu, emotional. People are giving credit of his work to his parents as well as people are giving respect to them that they gave birth to a real superhero.

We feel lucky to have someone like Sonu Sood. We appreciate his efforts for the nation. For more Bollywood updates and trending news stay tuned with us on .

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