Sonu Sood: “Every rupee in my foundation is awaiting…”

Central Board of Direct tax has launched a case against a 48-year-old Bollywood and south Indian famous actor Sonu Sood. He is also known for his social works. CBDT has claimed that he has evaded 20 cr of taxes from the Indian government.

Sonu Sood has a large foundation of NGOs. Recently CBDT said,” During a search at the premises of the actor &his associates, incriminating evidence about tax evasion found. The main modus operandi followed by the actor had been to route his unaccounted income in form of bogus unsecured loans from many bogus entities, The total amount of tax evaded unearthed so far, amounts to more than ₹20 crores”.  

Sonu Sood Post

On this Sonu Sood has made his Instagram post. He wrote,”
Thank you for your continued support, concern, and Most importantly infinite LOVE.
I would sincerely like to announce that I am a law abiding citizen of my country,
“(Sonu Sood) I WAS and I WILL”. continue to follow all rules, regulations and laws of my country. I have full faith, respect and confidence towards the law, departments and our authorities.”.

He added more as,” I humbly request you all to take this in a positive spirit as part of the larger journey and vision in contributing towards the growth of our wonderful country. At this moment I pray and recall the blessings & teachings of my late parents that hurdles and struggle are a part of life’s journey. I am humbled and touched by the enormous Love and strength expressed by various methods of communication. I will remain at people’s disposal as always to serve you all….”. This actor has got nation pride during the Covid-19 pandemic period. He has helped many of the people during covid-19.

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