Success story of underrated actor Sanjay Mishra in Bollywood industry.

A famous Bollywood actor Sanjay Mishra one had to quit acting and work for 150rs in Dhaba. He is well-known for his comedy role.

He has shared about his struggling period. When he was shooting for the film “Office Office “, he felt sick. That took 15 days to recover him. He said,” They removed 15 litres of pus from my stomach,”, during one of his interviews with Rediff. And when he woke up from the hospital bed he found that his father has passed away. They left him and his family in a shattered condition, that he can’t manage to come to Mumbai after that.

Pic of Actor Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra

In that condition, he wants some free time for himself. So, he decided to go to Hrishikesh. He went to Hrishikesh and started working in Dhaba for 150 rs. He use to make omelettes in Dhaba. The Dhaba owner has never recognized him. But the customers in Dhaba use to recognize him and ask for his autographs.

After some time Dhaba owner recognized him and Rohit Shetty has given him chance to work in his upcoming film. Sanjay Mishra said,” I wanted to be alone, so I went to Rishikesh and started working in a Dhaba, making omelettes. The Sardar who owned the Dhaba did not recognize me. But costumers would see me and ask, ‘Golmaal main aap hi the na (Weren’t you in Golmaal)?’ Then, they would want a photograph with me. Finally, the Sardar asked me who I was. Someone had told him I was an actor.”

After this Rohit Shetty has made him work on his upcoming movie . which was “All the Best”. He made his fans laugh from his acting in vanity Van.

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