The last elimination is done by the audience in Big Boss house.

The decision of the last elimination was done by the audience. The audience has decided by deciding on getting into the Big Boss house.

Big Boss season 15 is just going to end and there are just seven contestants are left as a finalist. Those seven finalists are Shamita Shetty, Karan Kundrra, Tejasswi Prakash, Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant Bhatt, and Rashami Desai. According to the recent promo we have seen in the upcoming episode there is the possibility of eliminating any one of the seven contestants. This time audience will do the elimination of the contestants .

Big Boss final elimination

Contestants with Aam Janta

This time audience has entered the Big Boss house and they have to decide to eliminate which contestants in the last round of the Big Boss house. Contestants have to give satisfactory answers to all the contestants to all audiences satisfactorily. On this “Aam Janta (normal people) has asked so many questions related to a past episode of their game in Big Boss season 15. Big Boss has announced this episode as,  “Janta finale week main pehli baar finale week mein enter karke karayegi Kisi Ek ki exit”.

The two RJ’s were asking strong questions to the finalist. They asked Pratik Sehajpal why does he feel Karan feeling for himself. Does he feel love or hard? On this Pratik, Sehajpal replied as he has always felt hard and never seen a love for himself. After that, he has said that Karan Kundrra always tried to dominate him but he never allows himself to do so. On that Tejasswi Prakash replied that Karan Kundrra never tried to dominate you. After that Rj’s asked Nishat Bhatt for calling Shamita Shetty a fake and Pratik Sehajpal as self-centered. On that Shamita Shetty replied,” Main joh hoon Main hoon”. Like this, there were so many questions to the audience.

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