Afsana Khan will case an FIR against Rajiv Adatia.

Before leaving from house Afsana Khan has accused and said that she will file an FIR against Rajiv Adatia for inappropriately touching her.

Big Boss season 15 is full of twist and turn with new angles. We can see so many of the expressions of the different contestants in this house. There are so many of the twists we have seen up to now in this show. We have seen the confession, love,acception, rejection, misunderstanding and so many other emotions, and now we can see the warning of one contestant to the other.

Afsana Khan and Rajiv Adatia

Rajiv Adatia and Afsana Khan

Because of violent behavior, Afsana khan has been thrown out of the show. Before that, she was accomplishing her last task. After coming out from completing her task, she accused and warned Rajiv Adatia of touching her inappropriately.

After that, she also alleged with Shamita Shetty. She was saying that Shamita Shetty was using her brother in the opposite of her. After that Neha Bhasin added that Afsana and Adatia has shared a good friendship relation then, how she could say like that. During this Afsana said “mental” and “fake” to Shamita Shetty.

After this, we have seen that Jay was trying to make Afsana cool by saying that, this is a family show and no one is going to gain anything from this. He also added that Rajiv’s image will be at stake after this. On this Afsana said that She is going to case an FIR against Rajiv Adatia and Shamita Shetty. On this Shamita Shetty said her to go for it and she will see regarding that.

On this netizen called Afsana and Rajiv as a couple of “Tom and Jerry” and “Humpty Dumpty”. After this Big Boss called Afsana an Ouster but he said,” Dil ki buri nahin hai vo”. With this Rajiv, Adatia was crying incredibly.

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