Afsana Khan get kicked out of Big Boss house ? Read it here.

Afsana Khan used a Knife for self-harm and get kicked out of the big boss’s house. In the promo of today’s show, we have got to know about it.

As of now, there are so many of the twist and turns that has been seen in the big boss season 15. But now there are something new turns we have got to see now in this show. As in the promo of today’s show promo, we can see that the Punjabi entertainment industry’s famous singer Afsana Khan has tried to harm herself with the knife.

Afsana Khan

Afsana Khan got kicked out of house

According to the ETimes report, Afsana Khan has been taken to hospital for medical-related reasons. As because she was suffering from a panic attack, due to which she has taken the step to harm herself with the knife. It has also come into the picture that she has been kicked out of the house for her this activity and mental instability.

It has been said that Afsana was sleeping during the task completion hours. After that She got in to fight with Shamita Shetty during the VIP access. As Shamita Shetty got the VIP access and Not Afsana. After this incident, Big Boss gathered all of the contestants in the house . And made an announcement that Afsana will leave this show after this activity according to the reporters.

After this, we have also seen that Raqesh Bapat has to do the mid-way exit. Because of immense pain in his kidney. As he has entered the house with Neha Bhasin with the help of a wild entry card. After this, we have also seen that Shamita Shetty has got a warning for not speaking in Hindi and English. According to the rule of Big Boss house ,it is compulsory. On the other side, Afsana Khan was also breaking the rules of the Big Boss house. She broken it by sleeping in task completion hours.

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