Esha Gupta speaks about getting intimate with bobby Deol in Aashram 3.

Esha Gupta has opened up about her intimate scene in Aashram season 3, as she has been trolled for that.
Esha Gupta is one of the rising stars in the Entertainment Industry. She has recently given a bold scene in one of the famous web series names as Aashram season 3. Esha has given an intimate scene with Bobby Deal. She has been trolled by her netizens for that.
Esha Gupta has recently opened up about her scene in one of the interviews. Esha said, “The problem is till now in India, they think that doing intimate scenes is such a big deal where you go in Bandstand everyone is doing it, so I don’t understand why are you asking me. But if I do the film voluntarily not only for a film that was not only directed but choreographed in front of so many people. Sadly, it is all the people talk about.”

Esha Gupta in Aashram 3

Later she continued, “I started my independent life at a very young age. There were days when I worked in a cafe as a student to earn my pocket money. But now after all these years, I have a set parameter. My acting project either has to satisfy my pocket or my soul.”
Bobby Deol has also put his points in that. Bobby Deol said, “I remember the first time I did an intimate scene, I was very nervous. It was the first time that I was doing something like this,”.
Later he continued,” My co-actor was so professional, she was so much involved in how well to portray a character, and then it becomes easy. And that’s why people enjoyed it. The way Prakash Ji shot the scenes, the team did work so everything was put in the right sync.”

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