Nysa Devgn is looking hot in her new party outfit.

Ajay Devgn and Kajol Devgn’s daughter Nysa Devgn is looking so hot and stunning in her bold outfit in London.

Star kids are known for their lavish lifestyle in B-Town. Nysa is one of the famous Star kids. she used to be in the headline because of her new look and posts on her Instagram account. Recently Ajay Devgn has written one post for her daughter Nysa on his social media account. Ajy Devgn wrote,“Hey daughter, you are special. Today, tomorrow, forever. Happy birthday Nysa. Privileged to have you.” On the occasion of her 19th birthday.

Nysa Devgn

Nysa always grabs eyeballs because of her stunning look and style. She has recently posted one of her photos in a white crop top with a skirt for a party. This photo of her has gone viral over the internet. Whereas, there is lace attached to her crop top of her. Secondly, she has put her hair open which is more beautifying her look. On that, she has put red colored nail polish, which looks more stunning.

In that image, she has to get ready for the party and pose with one of her friends in front of the mirror. These star kids are well-known for enjoying parties all night in B-Town. According to one of the reports she is completing her studies in the United Kingdom.

It is expected that after completing her studies she will make her debut in the Bollywood industry and work for this industry. On this, her father Ajay Devgn has revealed that she has not planned yet to do anything like this even though she is sounding showing her disinterest in working in this industry.

One of the YouTubers asked Ajay Devgn about his kids’ interest in the Bollywood industry. On this Ajay Devgn said, “Whichever, wherever they go, I wouldn’t want to ask them to do this or that. Whatever they want to do but they have to believe in it and they have to work harder. They have to be honest about it.” 

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