Shamita Shetty showed her unhappiness on an extension of Show.

On the announcement of an extension of the show by more than two weeks, Shamita Shetty has shown her unhappiness. She said the reason is Rakhi Sawant and Abhijeet Bhichukle.

Big boss season 15 is now coming to end. But due to some reasons, it has extended more. As we have seen that Contestants in the big boss house have to go through so many tasks and challenges to survive in the show. during this, they have to overcome their mental and physical barrier. sometimes they have to overcome their great bonding with another contestant in the house.

Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty shown her unhappiness

In the episode, we have seen that Salman Khan has shared one clip of himself. all the contestants gathered in the hall area of the big boss’s house. After gathering they have seen that video clip of Salman Khan in which he has said that this show will be extended by two more weeks. After listening to this announcement Rakhi Sawant was excited and she started screaming out of her happiness. On this Shamita Shetty said her to keep quiet and listen to the whole announcement patiently.

After the announcement has done Shamita Shetty was in the kitchen area with Nishant Bhatt. Over there, she has shown her unhappiness on an extension of this show by two more weeks. On this Nishant Bhatt asked her reason. She said that she don’t want to live with Rakhi Sawant and Abhijeet Bhichukle for one more day. She called Abhijeet Bhichukle a “male chauvinist” . and Also added that Rakhi Sawant always makes fun of her shoulder injury.

After listening to this Rakhi Sawant has approached Shamita Shetty and said to her that why she doesn’t consider Rakhi Sawant as her sister. during one of the tasks, she has called Rakhi Sawant a sister. After this Shamita Shetty said that she shares a good bond with Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhatt.  

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